10 April Gardening Jobs: Must-Do Jobs for Vibrant Blooms and Lush Landscapes

April gardening marks the eagerly anticipated arrival of spring, where the garden bursts into life after the dormancy of winter.

Preparation and planning

Assessing and planning you garden layout for the upcoming growing season


Once you’ve planned your garden – it’s time to start order seeds, plants and other garden supplies

Planting schedule

Plan for the year ahead by developing a planting schedule.

Divide and transplant

Dividing and transplant perennials as needed.

Turn over garden beds

Turning over your garden beds regularly loosens the soil and improves aeration


Keep and eye out for weeds and remove them promptly to prevent them competition for nutrients and space.

Keep watering

Watering newly planted seeds seedlings, and transplants

Supporting your plants

Installing supports, trellises, or cages for climbing plants is a critical part of their care and management, especially for varieties that have climbing growth habits.

Start summer crops

Now you can start to sow tomatoes, peppers and squashes (if you haven’t already)

gardener pruning trees with pruning shears

Prune fruit tree

Pruning fruit trees and shrubs is an essential aspect of their care that contributes to their health, productivity, and overall appearance.