16 Jobs for the garden this November

November is a busy month for gardeners in the UK as it begins the transition from autumn to winter.

Here are some tasks for you to focus on in your UK garden during November:

  1. Rake those leaves: Continue to rake and collect fallen leaves from your lawn and borders. Compost them or use them for mulch. Leaving fallen leaves on the lawn and around plant bases do not do them any good.
  2. Tidy Borders: Clear away old stems and dead foliage and add this to your compost pile. Fork the ground ready for the spring.
  3. Plant Spring Bulbs: November is your last chance to plant spring-flowering bulbs like daffodils, tulips, and crocuses. They need to be in the ground before the first frost.
  4. Winter Bedding Plants: Plant winter-flowering bedding plants such as pansies, violas, and cyclamen to add colour to your garden during the colder months.
  5. Prune Roses: Prune climbing and rambling roses. This will prevent damage from the wind and reduce the chances of developing disease.
  6. Prune Perennials: Cut back herbaceous perennials such as Rudbeckia, Geranium and Echinacea that have died back.
  7. Lawn Care: Continue to mow the lawn if it’s still growing. Avoid cutting it too short by raising the cutting height. Apply an autumn lawn feed to strengthen the grass for the winter.
  8. Protect Plants: As temperatures drops, protect sensitive plants such as Pelargonium, move them to a greenhouse or protect them with horticultural fleece.
  9. Clean Garden Tools: Clean and oil your garden tools to prevent rust and keep them in good condition for next season.
  10. Compost: Continue to add garden waste and kitchen scraps to your compost heap to create nutrient-rich compost for next year.
  11. Wildlife: Put out food and fresh water for birds. Consider installing bird feeders and nesting boxes to attract wildlife to your garden.
  12. Greenhouse Maintenance: Clean your greenhouse and check for any needed repairs. Ensure heaters are in good working order for overwintering plants.
  13. Plant Bare-root Trees and Shrubs: Plant bare-root trees and shrubs while they are dormant ready for the spring.
  14. Mulch: Apply mulch around the base of shrubs and trees to help protect them from frost and retain moisture.
  15. Gutter Cleaning: Continue to collect rainwater over winter and ensure your gutters are clear of leaves and debris.
  16. Prepare for Frost: Be prepared for frost by covering tender plants with horticultural fleece, cloches, or even an old bedsheet.