9 Must Have Perennials for a Low-Maintenance Garden

When it comes to cultivating a garden, we haven’t all got the time to sit a plan every plant, every pot or how our boarders are going to look next season. The unpredictable weather in the UK can also present its own challenges. However, with the right selection of perennials, you can create a stunning and low-maintenance garden that thrives in varying conditions.

Here are 9 must-have perennials for a low-maintenance:


With its fragrant blooms and silvery foliage, lavender is a quintessential perennial for UK gardens. Thriving in sunny spots with well-drained soil, lavender requires minimal watering and pruning once established.


Hardy geraniums, also known as cranesbills, are reliable performer. These versatile perennials come in a range of sizes and colours, blooming from spring to autumn with little maintenance required.


Hebes are evergreen shrubs that offer year-round interest with their colourful foliage and spikes of flowers. Hardy and drought tolerant, hebes are well-suited to the UK climate and require minimal care once established.


Hellebores, or Lenten roses, are prized for their early blooms and shade tolerance. These hardy perennials thrive in woodland settings and require little attention once planted, making them ideal for low-maintenance gardens.


Also known as lady’s mantle, alchemilla is valued for its frothy clusters of chartreuse flowers and scalloped foliage. This easy-going perennial thrives in partial shade and moist soil, making it perfect for UK gardens.


Bergenia, or elephant’s ears, is a robust perennial with glossy foliage and clusters of pink or white flowers in spring. Tolerant of shade and poor soil, bergenia is a great low-maintenance choice.

Echinops (Globe Thistle)

Echinops, or globe thistles, are striking perennials with spherical blue or white flowers that attract bees and butterflies. Drought tolerant and easy to grow, echinops adds drama to your garden with minimal fuss.

Japanese Anemone

Japanese Anemone

Japanese anemones are elegant perennials with delicate, nodding flowers that bloom in late summer and autumn. Shade tolerant and deer resistant, these long-lived plants are well-suited to UK gardens.


Campanulas, or bellflowers, are charming perennials with bell-shaped flowers that bloom from spring to summer. Easy to grow and adaptable to various soil types, campanulas can add a cottage garden charm to your green space.

Incorporating just some of these into your garden, can create a beautiful and low-maintenance landscape. From fragrant lavenders to colourful hardy geraniums, these resilient perennials will bring joy to your garden year after year with minimal effort.