Allotment jobs for March

As March rolls on, the soil begins to thaw, signaling the start of a busy season for allotment holders. With longer days and the promise of spring, allotment holders eagerly anticipate the array of tasks awaiting them. From preparing the ground for sowing to tending to overwintered crops, March offers many opportunities to kickstart the gardening year. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or a novice gardener, there’s no shortage of rewarding jobs to tackle on the allotment this month.

Weed your plot

Hoe your plot regularly, digging out any problem weeds. Pay particular attention to perennial weeds. Keeping on top of them now will make it easier to control.

Protect vegetables and plants from pests

Slugs and snails are a persistent problem but this time of year they can wreak havoc on our seedlings. Be sure to protect vulnerable and emerging plants. Just after it has rained is a good time to see if you have any unwanted visitors.

Sow seeds

Now is the time sow beetroot, broad beans, salads and Swiss chard direct into well-prepared soil. If the soil is warm enough and you’re feeling brave, you could also make early sowings of carrots, peas, spinach. These could also be started under cover. 


It will soon be runner bean season so now is the time to prepare trenches with well-rotted manure. Many local farms will either sell this at a reasonable cost or if you’re lucky – for free.

Adding a thick layer of manure will also help warm the soil, allowing seeds germinate quick giving your allotment a head start this spring.

Maximise light levels

We all know that our plants require a lot of sunlight particularly at the seedling stage. Cleaning your polytunnel sides and/or greenhouse panes to maximise light levels will help give more much needed sunlight.