Simple gardening jobs for December

  1. Clean up Remove all dead plants, autumn leaves and other debris. Add what you can to your compost heap.
  2. Mulching Apply a lay of mulch to protect plant roots from freezing temperatures. Particularly if have newly planted or young plants.
  3. Protect delicate plants As the cold weather starts to settle in, consider protecting delicate plants that are susceptible to frost with horticultural fleece or perhaps consider bring them inside over the winter.
  4. Pruning Now is the time to trim and prune deciduous trees and shrubs as they are dormant. Remove dead and damage branches.
  5. Lift and divide rhubarb crowns Rhubarb can be divided all the way through autumn and through to Spring (Nov – Mar). Read more on dividing rhubarb here
  6. Indoor plants Take care of indoor plants. Make sure they positioned where they get enough light and adjust watering schedule and needed.
  7. Plan for spring Use this time to plan for spring. Order seeds, plan your garden layout and thick about what changes and additions you’d like to make
  8. Bird feeders Provide food for birds in your garden. Consider setting up bird feeders and water sources.
  9. Composting Continue adding kitchen scraps to your compost bin. Turn the compost to help it break down.
  10. Check for pests Inspect plants for any signs of pests or diseases. Treat as necessary.
  11. Invest in a water butt Using rainwater is much better for your plants. This could help help reduce your water bills particularly if you’re on a water meter.
  12. Clean out your gutters Remove fallen autumn leaves from your gutters, will allow you to collect even more rainwater.
  13. Check on your stored bulbs if you are storing tender bulbs like dahlias or gladioli, check them for signs of rot and disease.