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Lift and divide rhubarb crowns

The best time to move or divide rhubarb is November however it can be done all the way through Autumn and right through the Spring (Nov – Mar).

Rhubarb crowns should be divided every 5 years. Generally, is this done because the the crown has become overcrowded or the growth of the plant is weak. Dividing your crown will increase your yeld and give you another plant for your garden. These also make great gifts for follow garden friends.

The best time to do this between November and March when the plant is dormant.

How to divide your rhubarb

This is very simple and doesn’t require and special tools.

  1. Simply dig around the crown and using a garden fork, lift the whole crown roots and all.
  2. Using a spade, divide the crown into equal parts. Make sure both parts have a couple of buds on each.
  3. If your crown is large enough and there are enough buds, you can divide you crown in three on even four.
  4. Mulch around the newly planted crown – this will provide winter protection and prevent the loss of moisture.