Peckish Encourages The Nation To Not Just Feed The Birds, But Grow Them A Home Too, With Free Wildflower Seeds

Peckish, the UK’s leading wild bird food brand, is inspiring the nation to make their gardens a haven for nature this year by growing wild birds a home with a free packet of wildflower seeds with every purchase of Peckish wild bird food. 

The Peckish Wild Bird Habitat Wildflower Seeds, available from Easter, are a mix of easy to grow wildflowers selected to provide nutrients and nesting material for birds. The seeds are fuss free and can be directly sown into gardens throughout April and May, and will bloom into a glorious wildflower display from June to August that nature will love. 

Included in the trial size packs are popular wildflower seeds such as sunflowers, teasels, cornflowers, corncockles, cosmos, nigellas, marigolds, and crown daisies. Each seed has been handpicked for its benefit to nature, for example, sunflowers will help gardeners attract a wide variety of wild birds to feast on their large, nutrient-rich seeds, whilst providing a bright and cheerful flower. Teasel seeds grow into tiny purple blooms during summer and are best known for their prickly stems and seed heads that are irresistible to finches. Many of these wildflowers are also loved by beneficial pollinators including bees, butterflies, and insects, providing them with the perfect habitat to thrive. 

The seeds packets are easy to grow in both borders and containers and will brighten up gardens with a colourful display all summer long. The seed pack is perfect for uplifting an unloved area of the garden, or even an unused raised bed. For advice on sowing the seeds and learning more about the benefits of wildflowers to nature, visit or follow @PeckishBirdFoodUK on Instagram.  

Rachael McWilliam, Head of Brand & Category, for Peckish, commented: “Peckish is committed to looking after nature, and we want to go one step further this summer and inspire gardeners to not just feed wild birds, but to grow them a home too. We’re giving away the Peckish Wild Bird Habitat Wildflower Seeds free for customers to collect from garden centres across the UK and Ireland with each purchase of our wild bird food. We’ve handpicked the seeds in our wildflower mix to offer birds natural nutrients and nesting materials, as well as providing gardeners with a bright display of colour. 

“At Peckish, supporting nature is part of our DNA, and we’re always researching new ways to make our products as environmentally friendly as possible. As part of this mission, many of our most popular collections of wild bird feed, such as Complete Seed Mix and No Grow, are now packaged in 100% recyclable paper. The paper packaging can be collected at the kerbside for recycling, so customers can feel good about feeding wild birds.” 

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