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WhatToGrow magazine is a celebration of the gardening and vegetable growing both at home and down on the allotment.

Covering a wide range of topics, this vibrant and informative magazine is full of creative seasonal ideas, engaging stories and expert tips from experienced gardeners.

Carefully curated to cater to many aspects of gardening. It explores topics such as plant care, cultivation techniques, seasonal gardening, organic gardening, urban gardening, and sustainable practices. Readers can discover in-depth articles on selecting the right plants for specific climates, creating beautiful container gardens, and incorporating native species to attract beneficial wildlife.


Reasons to advertising in WhatToGrow

  • Target audience – Each month our magazine reaches over 2000 gardeners and allotment holders across the United Kingdom.
  • Great value – Our low advertising costs ensure you can easily earn back your investment quickly. To make this even better, pre-booking multiple ad-spaces saves you even more money.
  • Results – We care a great deal about making your advert work for you by trying to associate the copy with your advert where possible, giving you the best return on your investment.
  • Direct link – Each advert includes a link directly to your website or product providing easy access for potential customers to explore further.


Double Page Spread – £850
Full page – £500
½ page horizontal – £250
¼ page – £125