12 beautiful summer flowering bulbs you can order today ready for spring planting

Now is a great time to start thinking about your your summer flowering bulbs. Many supplier (including will dispatch by the end of February ready for spring planting.

Ordering this early will also give you a greater choice of the varieties available. Most garden centres will have a limited selection based on their popularity.

We’ve put together 12 beautiful summer flowering for you to consider

Paeonia Sorbet

Paeonia Sorbet has ruffled pink petals with creamy apricot edges, blushed white. Great for cut flowers.

This herbaceous peony requires a cool winter climate for its dormancy requirements. It also requires well-draining, sand, silt, and clay soil (also known as loamy soil) and a generous amount of sunshine.

You will also need to support the abundant flowers it will produce.

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Paeonia Sarah Bernhardt

Paeonia Sarah Bernhardt has beautiful large, soft pink double flowers with a stunning fragrance. Great cut flowers.

Ideal growing conditions for optimal development include a deep, nutrient-rich soil, maintaining consistent moisture levels while ensuring proper drainage. Positioning the plant in a sheltered area where it can receive plenty of sunlight or partial shade is recommended. Additional support may be necessary to facilitate sturdy growth.

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Paeonia Duchesse De Nemours

Paeonia Duchesse de Nemours has beautiful double white, fragrant flowers. Great for cut flowers.

Thriving in either full sunlight or partial shade, peony plants prefer to be situated in nutrient-rich, well-drained soils with moderate moisture levels. While they thrive in full sun, they can also tolerate some gentle afternoon shade.

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Dahlia Rosella

Dahlia Rosella is a beautiful large dinnerplate variety with lavender-pink flowers.

When planting the plant, it’s essential to ensure it’s positioned at a depth of approximately 10 centimeters in the soil. Choose a soil type that is light, fertile, and maintains a moist yet well-drained consistency to support healthy root development and overall growth. Regular pruning, such as deadheading as needed, is advised to promote prolonged growth and encourage continuous blooming.

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Dahlia Labyrinth

Dahlia Labyrinth is a stunning decorative variety with large flamboyant, apricot pink flowers.

Find a place that gets mostly sun, and space the tubers about 12″ apart. Cover with soil and gently compress to make your dahlias nice and snug. 

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Dahlia Cheyenne Chieftain

Dahlia Cheyenne Chieftain is a fimbriata variety with it’s striking and vibrant fringed petals.

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Echinacea Green Twister

Echinacea Green Twister is a striking perennial with a vivid purple base with lime green edges, perfect for borders.

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Salvia Verticillata Purple Rain

Salvia Verticillata Purple Rain is a cottage garden favourite with its abundant deep purple flowers, perfect for pollinators.

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Iris Burgemeister

Iris Burgemeister is a stunning pink and purple bearded Iris, known for being tall and multiplying year on year!

As with most bulbs, you should plant iris bulbs two to three times the depth of the bulbs itself.  They require full sun and have well drained soil otherwise they can rot. You can plant dwarf iris outdoors in pots under protection in a greenhouse.

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Iris Black Dragon

Iris Black Dragon is a beautiful deep purple bearded Iris, known for being tall and multiplying year on year!

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Iris Champagne Elegance

Iris Champagne Elegance is an ivory, champagne coloured bearded Iris.

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Convallaria majalis Rosea

Convallaria majalis Rosea is a favourite among gardeners with it’s beautiful pink bells and delicious scent. A great addition to any garden and will naturalise easily.

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